It is with great regret that that we record the

death of Ken Swan on Friday 26th October



   Ken was the founder of the Beamish Model

 Engineering Group, its designer, of engines,

carriages and track. He will be greatly missed by his 

many friends in the model engineering fraternity

throughout the world. We shall miss him his forceful

personality, as well as his encyclopoedic engineering

know-how. Above all we shall miss his friendship and

presence at our lunch and tea breaks.Our sympathy to

his family who looked after him  in his last illness.


Adrian Morley 28/10/2018

                               No activity at BMEG


The horse Chestnut tree adjacent to the main building wasreported to the museum as dying and dangerous a few months ago. A large branch fell in recent gales . The museum intends to remove the tree on Oct 31st. Until further notice we have been asked not to use the site.

 Adrian Morley   10/10/2018

      For various reasons this website has not been updated for several years. I now have the opportunity to take a fresh look and aim to preserve the major elements as well as recording recent changes

   Our relationship to Beamish Museum has been formalized so that we are now an official volunteer group within the overall museum management structure. This means that we conform to the museum’s health and safety procedures; as a result   there has been a major cleanup and reconfiguration of our workshops, an extensive writing of documentation such as COSSH, PUWER etc  in line with Museum policies. We are grateful to David and Jill Allen who took a lead in this difficult task

    There have been extensive changes in site infrastructure with  the completion of the rack platform and associated path, completion the inner circuit with its arched bridge. The electronic signalling system protecting the diamond crossing of the rack and the main circuit has been completed by Bill Crackett and his Grandson Hamish.

       The purchase of a Titan Electric locomotive largely due to the initiative of Patrick Allen has greatly increased out passenger carrying capacity. A number of petrol/hydraulic locomotives are in use /construction.

   Sam Wake has gone on to better things at the Ravenglass Railway. We shall miss him both for his skill as a driver and his encyclopedic knowledge of all railway matters.

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