The purpose of this section is to show what our members are doing.

Project 1

Adrian Morley, Robin Hedley


This shows building of a boiler for a 7.25in. gauge “Dolgoch” by Adrian Morley and Robin Hedley. I am grateful to Stuart Davison, Brian Nicol, and Ian Spencer for further help.

dlgchboiler_089 dlgchboiler_056
dlgchboiler_039 dlgchboiler_037

The Boiler is of 3/16ths copper, silver soldered .It weighs with blanking pieces 48.5Kg, and contains 13.75 litres water  when completely full.
    At a working pressure of 80psi this gives a boiler of 75.62 bar/litres

Project 2

Alan Young.



 HMS Surprise.


The model is of a french built 32 gun frigate

captured by the Royal Navy in 1798 and

measured to produce the Admiralty drawing in

 the background of the photo.

The scale is 1 : 48. 

After about 45 years study I spent the last 2

 years building the frame in boxwood with

limewood planking based on the above drawing,

 1805 Steels Naval Architecture, and 2 rare

 books on French wooden ship construction.

A further 2 years work is anticipated to complete

the ship up to deck level.



Project 3

Ben Pinkney (Junior apprentice)


Ben is deeply into Origami, and this example was so intricate I thought it worth recording . Ben is also building a stationary steam engine with the help of his father

IMG_0545 IMG_0547

Project 4


Adrian Morley    Southworth vertical steam water pump

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