New Roof

     For the last 3-4 years we have had an increasing problem with leakage through the roofing felt of our red workshop. Inspection showed that the felt was split mainly in the area overhung by tree branches. Given the hight of the building and the frailty of our members we decided that proper scaffolding was needed. Robin Hedley  found the cheapest supplier ( Jackson’s, York) and Adrian Morley approached Gordon Bremner the Museum’s regular scaffolder. Various steam events got in the way but finally today , Saturday April 27th  we were able to get the team together. Erection of the 16  roof panels took approximately 5 hours with lunch and tea breaks. Bill Crackett , Norman Pinkney and Mick Jordison ensured that we got the panels the right way round. Steve Lowe got the worst job,  angle grinding the end panels. The rest of us,  (John Lambard , Alan Young, Malcolm Craig, Jim Duncan, Dave Allen,) played our part with battery drills and advice. The result looks impressive and there was general agreement that it was a great improvement on tar and roofing felt.

IMG_0638 IMG_0640
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